Same on iPhone, why my icons arrangement is nicer than yours?

Just spending some time, you can make an extraordinary iPhone Home Screen to pride yourself to friends! Don’t hesitate to get your hands on it.

Step 01: Create an empty screen and take screenshot

In order to make a blank page, just select one dock icon, you press and hold that icon to drag it to the right till there is a blank page. Then you place that icon on dock. Notice not to press Home button as it will immediately return to previous interface
Next thing is to screenshot (including dock icons), if you turn on Assistive Touch already, then it is advised to turn it off for screenshot to have nice background.


Step 02: Open Safari and go to this link…. Click into Folder, open image just taken and press Upload photo

Here, you will see lots of icons appearing correspondent to actual icons on screen. For any space to whatever icon, just click on it.
For example, if you want to create a space for first icon, just click icon 1×1. In practice, this thing will create one invisible icon alternating between each other.



Step 3: after you click on it, continue to click on share -> add on home screen -> add



Now. you just move and arrange the hidden icon that you just created to new place. As the pic below, you can see i made my icons on home screen like T


To do like that i have already remove icons on both side



When you feel boring with them, just simple delete the hidden icon



Thank you for reading!!!

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