Get fake Call on Windows Phone from “extraordinary” Cortanium app

You are putting in an appearance at a boring party or talking with “uninvited” guest? At this time, rather than waiting for quick passing of the time, picking up a phone is a good excuse to easily leave that place.
However, you don’t know how to set up one accidental phone call at the right time. Cortanium app will help you do that by scheduling a fake call.
How the app works:

Cortanium will request Cortana to send you a “fake” phone call from 40 well-known people available in the library, and currently adding up to 200 people.
For example, you can instruct Cortana “Bill Gates call me in next 10 minuts” and you will get one phone call from “Bill Gates”! This is amazing to reject something you don’t want to say.
You can download the app here:
Cortanium for Windows 10 Mobile

Just keep your fingers crossed!

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