Five tricks to make you an expert on Facebook

Facebook is currently the most popular social network for daily users. However, you are probably not sure you know all features and tricks on this social network. The following article will show you amazing tricks to use Facebook more efficiently and interestingly.

Don’t let other people know that you just add friend or follow someone

By defaults, Facebook will set up a notification on your friend’s news feed that you just added friends or followed someone. This is really irritating and troubling your privacy. To turn it off, take steps below:
First, go to your personal page, and click “Friend” item and select “Edit privacy”. Then, you select 2 last items “Only me” to complete the changes


Logging in multiple accounts on one device

You are able to log-in and easily switch back and forth multiple accounts through Parallel Space apps. For the first time, you open the app and select button below. Then, select app of your choice to log in



Restore deleted message on Facebook

Sometimes, by mistake, you delete message on Facebook, and those messages contain important piece of information. How can you get back those deleted messages? The instruction below will help you out of that situation
First, open Facebook then go to Setting. Here, you select Download a copy of your Facebook data.

After that, you start saving, and type in your password for the sake of security.
Next, the copy is created and Facebook will send email to notify you. And repeat those step to receive notification of your possible download.


Post status with extraordinary words

Sometimes, you feel bored with status’s font on Facebook. As the result, you want to try something new for your status line.
First of all, go to website Stylish Fonts for Facebook and get the content of your choice and then click Convert

After that, select Font of your preference and click Copy. Lastly, you can Paste on Facebook and post on your wall to show off.

Search for GIF easily

When you chat with friends on Facebook, you can entertain the talks by sending GIF image with contents you want. On Chat window, click GIF item and then type in keywords such as haha, hihi… Facebook will find similar images for you sending to friends

Have a good time!

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