Same on Android, why my usage is better than you?

The following articles will share with you tips to use Android Smartphone in a more professional manner. Just continue reading to discover new things!

Checking notification history

You just omitted, by mistake, important notifications, which confused you what to do next. However, your concern will be taken care by Android device to allow re-checking all of previous notification just with a click. To do this, all you need to follow steps below:
On main screen of the device, press, hold and select Widget then drag it down to Setup item and select Short-Cut Key for Installation

Within Short-Cut Key for Installation, you will select Notification History. After that, one new Short-Cut Key will be created on main screen. Now, all you need to do is to open the Short-Cut Keys to see all previous notifications.


Open camera by Power Source

On Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above, Google has integrated quick start features for camera by pressing two times Power Source button. In order to activate the features and don’t miss any exciting moment of life, follow these steps:
Go to Setup -> Display. Here, you tick item Double Click Power Source to open Camera.


Create an Operation short cut Keys

On Android, you are able to use short-cut keys for quick call or direct message to several telephone number in a really simple manner. By just pressing and holding the keys on the main screen, then a box pops up and you select Widget. Here, you drag down to Contacts and select items you want.


Create different short cut Keys

You are able to create short cut key to quickly open any features for apps on your device. Just download Activity Launcher, this app will list down all item and available activities on Android. Next, you need to press and hold one activity you want to create a short cut on the main screen.



Using Google Now

Google Now is developed to help you do quick tasks on one device easily. However, very few users know and use the feature.
In order to open this feature, just click to Google Setup -> Search and Now -> Voice -> Detection “OK Google”. From now, searching by your voice, you just say “OK Google”


Searching apps quickly by Widget Google Search

You can search and open quickly apps by using Widget Google Search. Users just click and then complete by typing in apps names, which you want to search for.



Replying to message from “Notification Centre”

On Android 7.0 Nougat, you are able to reply quickly messages or emails…directly by Notification Centre. If you are using, however, lower version of Android, the feature is not supported. As the result, you are able to introduce this feature to your device by QuickReply apps

After downloading, you will authorize access right to notification center for apps by going to Setup -> Notification Centre -> Authorized access


Using movements

For apps like Nova Launcher, you are able to use movements to control your device easier. You just click Setup -> Movements, then turn on features you want


Using Assistive Touch

Perhaps, we are not strangers to Assistive Touch feature on iOS, this virtual Home Button help users do some tasks on screen instead of physical keyboards. Anyone using Android operation system, however, possibly introduce this feature to your device by downloading Menu Button app.



The app will allow you to optimize button for your convenience. There are still more to explore on this topic.

Google Keyboard

Google Keyboard apps is keyboard, which is familiar to users. Not just click and type in as normal, the app also allows users to swipe for quick keys you want to type in.
If you want quick typing capital letter, just hold the letter and swipe to caps-lock button. For number keyboards, we do similar things for return to letter keyboard

Additionally, you are able to type in fraction faster by pressing and holding any number button. Then, a list of equivalent fraction appears for your selection.

Hope this tips will contribute to your better experience of using smartphone. Keep your fingers crossed!

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