3 ways to get back iPhone lockscreen password just wink of an eye

Suddenly on a beautiful day, you lose iPhone lockscreen password by mistake or someone knew the password and change it. So, what is best solution to handle this situation? As presented below, you can use three tips to disable iPhone lockscreen password on iOS

Option 01: Restore from iTunes backup

For a sure thing, you are required first to connect your phone to laptop which was once synchronized
Open iTune, if your device still request password, try with another laptop, which was already synced as well, or activate Recovery mode

Upon accessing Restore screen, press “Restore saved copy…” in “Saved Copies” parts
Lastly, search and select your device in iTunes. Check date month, saved file size and choose most appropriate data.


Option 2: Delete your device on iCloud

This way is only used when you already activated “Find my phone” feature on your IOS device. As the result, “Find My iPhone” is a feature of iCloud to help user position the device as long as it still operates. In that case of losing, users are able to access iCloud.com or Find My iPhone apps on another iOS device to check where your lost phone is.

First of all, you need to access address https://www.cloud.com/find , then log in by your own Apple ID
Next, select All Device to display entire list of devices using Apple ID, following with iPhone selection (ipad or ipod touch) with password you need to delete.

After that, press Erase iPhone to delete your device and password.
Now, you are able to Restore one last saved copy or setting up device from scratch.

Option 3: Using Recovery mode

If you have never synced with iTunes or set up Find My Phone on iCloud, you are expected to use the last “trick”, which is to restore your device by Recovery mode

First of all, turn off the power source and disconnect with laptop
Then, press and hold Home and Power Source button for a moment, the screen appears the line Connect to iTunes on iPhone. At this time, release Home and Power Source button and connect iPhone with laptop.
Next, option Restore or Update appears, choose Restore, iTunes will download software for your device and save automatically

Hope my tips above will you restore back lost password. If you get stuck at any steps, just leave your comment below for support from Us. Thank for reading and sharing this post with your friend

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